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New Installation

American Flooring is a commercial contract flooring provider. We install a variety of quality materials, and will find specialized products required from your submitted designs. We ensure customer satisfaction and will work within your budget.


Our professional staff specializes in commercial  Healthcare remodeling, and will work with your contractors to match existing products, or completely remodel your space from scratch. We will prepare a new flooring installation through concrete leveling, floor floating, and using HEPA air filtration for containment, if necessary.


It is important to maintain your flooring to preserve life and ensure validation of warranties. Our maintenance staff provides professional extraction of flooring for carpet cleaning and steam cleaning of ceramic tile, which saves on the high-traffic wear and dirt your flooring accumulates.
One-Year Manufacturer Warranty | One-Year Labor Guarantee

Who Are We

With over 20 years of experience, American Flooring of Fort Worth, Texas, is a contract flooring installer specializing in the health care industry. Owners Greg and Sandy Miller both have health care backgrounds and are familiar with hospital procedures and aspects of the health care business. Installation, remodeling, and maintenance for activity centers, restaurants, and other commercial businesses are also done with customer satisfaction and professionalism.

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