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Compliant Commercial Remodeling

Trust in American Flooring for your commercial remodeling needs. From initial flooring preparation to finished job, we stay within regulation and within your budget.


Our commercial remodeling staff will work with your contractors to match existing products, or will do a complete remodel, if required. We save time by using a powerful machine to remove your existing carpet or VCT, We prepare for new flooring installation by scraping your floor down to the subfloor, perform concrete leveling, floor floating, and HEPA air filtration for containment.

OSHA Standards

American Flooring has finished many quality projects within the healthcare environment, and follows all OSHA safety standards for removal and installation. We are also compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). Please contact us for a free quote.

Office Floor - Commercial Remodeling
Contact American Flooring for regulation-compliant commercial remodeling services and service guarantee.